Picture Framing in San Diego

About Steve Kaufman, owner of World Frame Us

Steve - The FramerSteve grew up in Oregon in a family of talented craftsmen and artists. Steve’s Dad was a photographer and amazing craftsman. His mother and brother have a talent for painting and other artistic pursuits. Steve’s other brother is a master yacht and furniture carpenter. Steve’s interest in art started at a young age and continued into college at Oregon State University, where he minored in art.

Steve relocated to California in 1984 and started up his picture framing business in 1995. He obtained instruction in picture framing at the Larson-Juhl picture framing school in Los Angeles and attends an annual picture framing trade show to continue to enhance his abilities.

He has participated in sports since a young age and has been surfing since 1983. His interests in sports and other activities give him a good perspective for framing special surf art and sports memorabilia for clients. He is not limited to these areas of framing, however. He has also framed a multitude of certificates, diplomas, photographs, fine art and just about any piece of art you can think of.


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